Valeria Mikiej(non-registered)
Tamarah, I like very much your sketches! They transmitt me the essence of the places you draw and I like the simplicity of the traces and the touchs of colours you use.

Thank you for sharing! It was nice meeting you although just for a short time.
Thank you!(non-registered)
So glad that you continue to visit my website. It has been a great year for sketching. I was honored to have an Art Show with some of my larger work in Boulder. Thanks to all who enjoy my Art. I especially love hearing from you with your personal notes of what you have enjoyed. Do not forget I have more than 100 more drawings that you can view upon contacting me!
Very nice website, thanx for sharing.
Your place is valueble for me. Thanks!…
Sagar Shipurkar(non-registered)
I particularly liked the beach sketch the most...
All I can say is keep sketching and keep enjoying.
Hannah Sherebrin(non-registered)
Thanks for giving me the address to your website! I really enjoyed looking at your gallery! Your stile of drawing is delightful and captures the spirit of the place. It is a real joy to see good art.
When we talked, I do not remember if I mentioned that I am an Art Therapist, and our home is full of some of my art work. Also, the best feature of the house is it's location over a ravine of a nature preserve. The view is something I am sure you will enjoy. I hope it will inspire you to do lots of drawings.
As an architect, I am sure you will also enjoy the unique design of the house, which was built by an architect for himself and his family. So thanks again, and welcome to our home.
Cindy Wiesley(non-registered)
Tamarah, what an interesting and beautiful way of keeping memories of your travels. I could only image how the Great Wall of China would look like!
ann pauley(non-registered)
Tamarah, I love your work. I saw some recently at my brother's place in Boulder and had him buy me a couple of your drawings. I received them in the mail yesterday and they are beautiful. Thanks for the reminder of my own trip to Europe many years ago.
Rebecca Long(non-registered)
These drawings are making me so happy! each reminds me of a very pleasant experience I had while traveling .A sunny cafe in Italy --a castle in Hungary---a view over the Amalfi,' and I am caught in reverie.
Tamarah Long's Architectural Landscapes
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